Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Snow-Bird Photos From March 7, 2011-18 Inches!

Some Juncos braving the deep snow.

The squirrel's nest with lots of snow on top of it. That hole in the snow is where a squirrel was digging for nuts.


One of the BlueJays was having a bad hair day..Ha!

Some of the birds that were coming down to get some food.

Male Cardinals in flight.

Male and Female Cardinals.

Isn't he a beauty!

Mostly Cardinals in this bush along with some Juncos and Sparrows.

A lonesome Mourning Dove. I think it's mate got killed.

The back hill and looking out of my bedroom window. I can hardly see over that wall now.

The Squirrel's nest.

Sunset and what I see from my living room window. I can't even see the deer in the neighbor's yard right now.

I think this was a Cooper's Hawk flying around over the squirrel's nest tree.

Late evening squirrel. The deer were up on the top and he got scared to go up over it. Eventually he ran home the other way.

The Doe and her children. One seems to be giving her a kiss before he goes running off. I see them do that often before they take off to play.

The sliver of moon last night.


Jean said...

Super captures! Love the moon shots.

ShySongbird said...

Goodness! Lovely photos but what a lot of snow!!! The Blue Jay with the bad hair day made me laugh :)

Take care Ginny, stay warm and safe!

The Retired One said...

Love these....especially the big head crest on that Bluejay!! LOL