Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 1st-15th Photos-2013

I can't seen to get back here as often as I would like to. But here's some photos I've taken in the past two weeks. We had a lot of snow at the beginning of the new year and then we had a week of mild weather, which they call the January Thaw. Today it's colder and it snowed a couple inches. Back to winter again.

 Isn't he cute? I love this squirrel. I hope to see a baby black one this spring.

 This female squirrel is pregnant I think. She is using this nest. See pic below to see what happened.
 This bird showed up. The only one. It took me  awhile to find what kind it was. I found out it is a Varied Thrush from the Northwest part of the country. Males will sometimes take off by itself but go back to CA for breeding season. He sure is a beauty! He was here till the 9th of January. We had bad winds that night and I haven't seen him since.

 One of the Does.
 Pileated Woodpecker.

 Tilly, the young Doe. Her twin sister and mom has not been seen since the last day of hunting season, so I am presuming they got killed.

 Tilly. She comes almost every day and when she sees me at the window, she gets all excited and wags her tail.

 What a beautiful bird! The Varied Thrush. Male

 The black squirrel. He's been a busy boy, building nest.
 The Red squirrels have been here for just about a year now. I am so glad they are thriving.
 Tilly and a squirrel.
 This is the black squirrel's nest.
 Here's what happened to the pregnant gray squirrel's nest. The wind blew it away during the night. She is okay and the next morning was checking it out. She can't live there any more. Not sure where she's living now. I think they do have other nests ready to move to.
Tilly was out on this night with two other adult Does.