Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 18, 2011 Collages-Squirrel By Nest-Chipmunk

The chipmunk sitting by his hole in the snow, which has now melted in a lot of spots and him digging down in the snow for a nut and sitting on top of the rock wall and in it.
One of the chipmunks hasn't been seen in a few days. I hope he's okay.

This is one of the female squirrels who will be having babies soon.

And here's the squirrel by her nest. She is hanging around it more these days so soon she will be having her babies too I think.

It was very windy Friday. She sat by the nest a lot and then went inside when the wind got really gusty.


ShySongbird said...

Goodness, that snow is hanging on Ginny! It has been gloriously sunny and quite mild here today after a very cold night.

The little Chipmunk is so sweet and cheeky looking :)

I'm glad the gusty wind didn't damage the Squirrel's nest. Is that the one that got damaged before?

Ginnymo said...

Hi Jan. Yes, that is the same one. It's been hanging on through snow wind and rain. It's amazing how they can build them to withstand that kind of weather. I have seen a lot of nests fall apart though and never be rebuilt again. We have had some nice weather but this week it looks to be a bit colder and maybe sleet and snow. It's not over yet..