Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


ShySongbird said...

I always think that is such a lovely song Ginny and you have really done it justice with your slide show, really beautiful!

Lovely Squirrel photos below too but a bit cold to be having babies with all that snow around I should think ;)

Ginnymo said...

Thanks Jan. Although I wished I had made that slide show in my other software. It took too long in Windows Movie Maker. getting the music and photos and verse to fit exactly together.
I agree about the baby squirrels. I used to hear that they had their babies in February but that's when they mate. March and April is when they have them here I think. Sounds better. I'd hate for those little bare things to freeze in their nests. Have a great day and thanks for always leaving a comment Jan. I appreciate it!! Hugs!

Ratty said...

I hope you hada good St. Patrick's Day. One of my favorite holidays. Great video!