Monday, July 26, 2010

The Gray Fox Pups Playing-All Four Of Them!!-Video

I have finally seen all four of the pups together again so I know they are still alive and well. I was worried for quite a while because I only saw three. So was happy to see all four on this day. They are growing fast. But still so cute to watch.

July 25, 2010-The Fox Family-Other Critters

The whole gang of foxes early in the morning. Just wish I could see up over that wall better.

One of the pips chewing on something and watching the birds. And one of the pups from behind. Gray foxes have that stripe running down their tails.

Another one of the pups. He was digging in the grass for bugs or something before he headed back in the bushes.

The young Woodchuck. He has to get a lot fatter before winter. His mama is huge.

This chipmunk is still getting around good with his broken foot. The skunk seems to be looking up at that squirrel and saying, "come on down", I won't spray you"..Ha!

This Crow was squawking a lot.

A young skunk

July 24, 2010-The Foxes

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Critters Of Course! July 20-22nd-2010

The evening sky after a storm that night.

Fox pups. One with it's dad.

The mama woodchuck. She sure is fat!

American Black Crows

One of the young woodchucks.

The fox pups. Love all three in a row in that one photo but wish it had come out clearer.

This is one of last year's pups. This one is always watching for the other adult foxes because they chase this one away. He sneaks in to get some nuts.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19th-2010-Mom Fox-Pups-Skunk

This is the mom to the pups. She is very cautious and never comes too close. I was surprised she stood that long, knowing I was at the window.

The Dad lying down. The adults get real tired watching over their pups every day. They'd rather be sleeping.

This skunk was on it's way back to the woods. They will sometimes climb over the wall to get there faster.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 18th Collages-Foxes-Woodchuck-Birds

A pup and his mom.

I was so happy to see three pups running around this night. Still have not seen all four together yet. But there's hope. I'm hoping it's just shy.

The mom is there with the pups.

A young skunk eating the nuts.

This squirrel was funny the way he was resting there.

This Mourning Dove kept lifting it's wings every time the chipmunk would get close.

A few birds.

The young woodchuck. I still cannot open the window to talk to him. He runs.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 15th-17th-Critters

One of the fox pups and it's Grandmother

Fox pup snooping around on top of the wall. I always worry about them getting their paws caught in the wire.

The mom woodchuck. I still can't talk to the young one without him running away.

An adult skunk and a young one.

The sky just before a big lightening storm last night. I love storms!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010-Early Morning-Doe And Fawns

I was just saying how I hadn't seen any deer and look what was out there this morning! I was watching the little fawns run and jump and play. They are so cute!! The fawns were wanting to run over here where the fox pups were. I think they wanted to play with them. Maybe thinking they were other fawns..Ha! but the Doe soon got them back and they went into the woods. I am going to keep a watch for them and hope I can get better photos next time. That early in the morning is hard to catch their action shots. I did get some video though. That will be on Youtube soon.

July 11th And 13th Collages-Foxes-Misc. Critters