Friday, September 30, 2011

September 29, 2011-The Gray Fox Pups

He was stalking something back there by the woods. Guess he didn't catch anything because he was down eating some nuts soon after. But he must be doing okay because he's looking healthy.

September 28, 2011-Deer-Chipmunks

Spotted the deer way back by the woods. The pictures are dark because it was a gloomy, wet day.

You can see the Doe behind the trees and bushes. She sees me though. They have very good eyesight.

This little chipmunk was being cautious when the fox was around. He hides down in that drain and can run through the pipe and come out the other end if he wants to. At least it's an escape for them.

The young squirrel

This chipmunk is listening when he stands up like that.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept. 26, 2011-The Young Fox And Chipmunks

This one ventures down closer at times but she's still shy. I don't let her see me at the window.

This chipmunk has it's mouth full leaves ready to take them to it's nest.

These two chipmunks are watching the fox.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 25, 2011-Squirrels And My Cutest Fox Pup

This squirrel is healing up good after the Bot Fly left.

The new young squirrel that is around every evening.

The prettiest of them all. She has that gentle face like Granny had.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 21, 2011-The Deer And Fox

The Doe and one fawn was over in the neighbor's yard. They were looking towards the bird feeder area but didn't go that far. The deer all go to a bird feeder over to the right during the winter.

Here comes mom!

This Gray Fox pup was out there with them.

Mom and the two young ones.

The fox wandering around. In the header photo you can see one of the fawns looking at the fox. Every time the fox would come too close the fawn would stomp it's foot and the fox would back off a bit. But they are always out there together every year and tolerate each other. One year a fawn wanted to play with the fox pups. It was so cute.

The fawns have just about lost all their spots now.

You can see a few spots on his hind quarters yet.

September 20th -2011-The Fox Pups

I saw three of the pups! There was four. It would be nice if I saw all four again just to know that they are all still alive and well. But I'm happy seeing three. I don't know what happened to their parents. They were always around. And were for the past few years. This year is very strange. I've lost too many adults.

This one was resting out back near the woods. He looked so comfortable.

Look how nice and healthy they look. And they are all grown up now. Even though the siblings are still traveling together, they will soon go their own ways. But I'm sure they will all still be back like their parents always were. They don't go too far. I think they all live within a certain radius all the time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 19th, 2011 Fox-Squirrel-Nuthatch-Chipmunks

This fox pup came down close. First time I've seen one down close in a long time.

It looks healthy. Got a few spots on it from the thistles being stuck to it's fur. I still don't see it's parents any more.

This poor squirrel is infested by a Bot Fly. The flies leave their eggs under the skin. It turns into larvae then when it's ready to hatch out into a fly it comes out and the wound will heal. Sometimes the squirrels will die if it's in a bad spot or has a lot of them embedded under their skin. This squirrel will be okay I think. You can see he's really been digging at it.

I haven't seen a Nuthatch in along time. Nice to see one again.

Young chipmunks.

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 16th-18th-2011-Scenery

Looking over the canal from the Herkimer waterfront area. Seagull are enjoying the water and a boat passes by.

This young chipmunk hides down in that grate all the time. I don't blame it. There's been a rat in the rock wall since the flooding. Rats will kill them.

An airplane flies over and a couple hawks flying around.

One of the six month old fox pups.

Some cows resting and a view of the sky as I came over the bridge on the 18th after the sun went down. I took this as I was moving and the window was up in my car. I was surprised it came out so clear.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September14th-2011-Fox-Woody-Baby Squirrel

These are adult foxes so I was happy to see them. But the female is looking thin and a bit raggy. The male still looks healthy. He's the one looking right at me.

The young woodchuck is finally getting a lot fatter. The little chipmunks are all around him and he don't mind at all.

There must be a new litter of young squirrels around. This is the only one I saw though.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11th-12th-Chipmunks-Moon-Crows-Fawn

The crow family. Juveniles with their parents. It is much more noisier around here since those babies were born.

One of the fox pups. I'm only seeing two of them now. Don't see the adults. There's been loud fox noises from up in the woods at night sometimes. A friend upstairs here says it sounded like they were in pain and hurting. I'm wondering if maybe there are coyotes around killing them. It seems odd that they are all disappearing. Last year at this time the parents and pups were all out here as usual.

One of the many young chipmunks. There's a whole new batch of them.

I took these pictures at 4:30 in the morning on the 12th. I usually open my window to take clear shots but I didn't want the animals thinking I was going to feed them.

The fawn was outside on the other side of the rock wall. I tried to get a good shot of her but she moved. Then I went into the living room and saw that it was with the younger doe. But when I got to the window I had to move the drape aside . They saw the movement and ran before I could get any photos. I would have had some real good close ups too. Darn it.

One of the fox pups. They are very leery and run now when they see me. They didn't used to be that way. Something is scaring them.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Catching Up On The Critters-Sept.3rd-10th-2011

This poor young Blue Jay was sitting all puffed up early in the morning. I knew it was sick or something. By afternoon it was dead and lying on the ground outside my window. It had been flying down a bit but I could tell that it was struggling. I'm glad it didn't have to suffer any longer. That night the skunks cleaned it up and by the next morning there wasn't even one feather out there. Weird. Nature has a way of taking care of things.

One of the many young chipmunks. There are quite a few new young ones around. The second litter of the summer.

The chipmunk family all hanging around at the end of the rock wall.

This little woodchuck was all wet after our storm on the 7th. This whole area got drenched and many roads closed and even all the schools closed. That's a first. We didn't get it as bad as down in the Binghamton area. They were flooded through the whole town and the water was real deep.
There wasa picture of a woodchuck holding on to the steel fence that runs along a highway. I felt so bad for it. I hate to think of how many animals drowned through that.

One of the younger skunks was out after the rain. I don't see many of them now, which is a good thing. Maybe it won't be smelling so bad around here.. Although I haven't been smelling any in a while.

This fox looks so thin. I worry about her. My granny never came back so I'm sure she has passed on to that other world.

This young woodchuck comes around almost every day and is very friendly. I don't see the big fat ones any more.

One of the fox pups. I don't see much of them any more either. Two of the pups come around almost every day. I don't see their parents much.
We had that terrible storm here and it knocked a lot of trees down all around here. One of the tall Pine trees in the neighbor's yard has been hit by lightening and the whole top is gone.. All that's left is a very tall trunk.