Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 8, 2011-Was A Nice Sunny Day

Snow on top of the pine trees and on top of the squirrel's nest. But it's melting fast in that bright sun.

View up the alley in the early morning sunrise through the woods. See the squirrel peeking around the corner?

Squirrels on top of the rock wall. I can't see much from my window with all that snow up there but it's still pretty when the sun shines.

I could see where the deer walked down over that lower part of the rock wall to get down into the area below my living room window. He better be careful. I worry so much about him getting a hoof caught in that fencing. I could see where he stuck his nose on the snow too.

The squirrels were enjoying the sunny day also.

The squirrels have their little path made up there where they come through. They play a lot when it's like this.

The BlueJays were all out and there's a Starling coming in for a landing.

A bunch of Starlings sitting in the top of the trees and one is near the squirrel's nest. Maybe he hears the squirrels inside.

This squirrel was watching and listening to something up in the woods.

The snow looks pretty on the branches and a BlueJay is flying through them.

Bird tracks and the deer tracks going back down and close to the building but the squirrels were using that same path also later.

This is a mother squirrel.

I stuck this photo of the cardinal in with all the Juncos to give this collage some color..Ha!

A House Sparrow

Squirrels on their way home for the night.

The moon at sunset on the 8th. The ending to a beautiful day.


rainfield61 said...

The squirrels were playing hide and seek.

They hid in the snow.

Out on the prairie said...

Like the moon shot.