Friday, January 27, 2012

January 25, 2012-The Cooper's Hawk Catches A Bluejay

To my surprise this hawk landed directly across from my window where I could watch him eating the Bluejay he caught. He stayed there for 40 minutes till he was all done with it.

I watched him as he ate a whole leg and foot and it almost got stuck in his throat. He kept swallowing to get it down.. When he was all done he walked behind the wall where I couldn't see him and after a while he flew off into the woods. I tried to catch him flying away but I missed that part.
Here's part two of the videos I took.

January 23, 2012-Tufted Titmouse-Gray Squirrels-Red Squirrel

The cute little Tufted Titmouse is around every day. There's at least two pair.

A squirrel sitting on top of an old stump in the nighbor's yard and one in a tree. And the thin one. I worry about her because now the males are chasing her. I don't think she'd live through a pregnancy.

And my favorite little critter lately. She comes every day now. Hope to see baby ones this spring.

Enjoy this video of the Red Squirrel

January 22, 2012-Photos-BlueJays-Squirrels-Frosty

A very cold, frigid morning. It was only 7 degrees when I took these pics.

The cold doesn't stop the squirrels from coming to get their food.

The sun throught the frosty woods and a hawk sitting on a branch in the woods.

I see this little girl every day now. I just hope the hawk doesn't get her because she comes across the lawn. I think she's living over by the neighbor's yard or in the thick brush between us.

It was 7 degrees on this morning. You can tell the birds are cold.

The sky after sunset

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 20th Pics-2012-Sunny But Cold

Gray Squirrels and the little Red one. It was a very cold morning. Only five degrees at this time.

It turned out to be a sunny day but only got up to 17 degrees.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Photos From January 19, 2012-Cold And Frosty

A very frosty morning. It was 7 degrees on this morning. A squirrel sits by his nest, not sure if he wants to come down. It was 7:30 am.

The back woods with frost all over the trees. You can see a Bluejay taking off and a squirrel sits on the tree branch trying to stay warm.

The sun is coming up and shines on the frosty trees as the squirrel sits there not wanting to move much.


Later the frost left and it got a bit warmer. Into the low 20's for the rest of the day. A female cardinal and a black capped chickadee sits in the bushes.

The house sparrows are cute at times. can't beleive how these little guys make it through the cold winter. We've had a pretty mild winter up till now.

This is "Red Eye" looks like a blood vessel has broke inside his eyeball.

The males are chasing the females all over the place now.

This thin haired squirrel is still around and doing okay but I worry about her. She's so thin. I hope those males don't bother her.

The little red squirrel came again so naturally I had to take too many pics..ha!

I think it is living in back in the pine tree for now. That's where it ran to today. Maybe I'll see young ones this spring.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 18, 2012-A Red Squirrel Appeared!-And Birds

When I went to feed the birds and squirrels at 7:30 am. I saw this red squirrel but he ran away and I couldn't find him. But later at noon he came back and I got these pictures. I was really excited to see him because it's been over four years since I'd seen one. I have no idea what brought him here but we had very high winds all night and I'm thinking maybe he got displaced from his home. I'm just happy to know that there still are some red squirrels in the area.

He seemed very interested in me and would come out and sit there like that. It was still windy and the temps had dropped from 33 in the morning to 19 by afternoon. I hope he has a warm place to go to.

The Blue Jays were getting blown a bit but there were lots of them coming for food.

My one pair of cardinals. I only see these two so far.

There are a few White Throat Sparrows around and of course the House Sparrows are all over the place. That's a pair in the top right corner.

Got to love this little Tufted Titmous. So cute. It's so hard to catch a picture of them. They come and go so fast, for safety's sake.

The wind was blowing his feathers some.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 15, 2012-Birds and Squirrels On The Coldest Days

The day started out at about 33 degrees on the 14th. We got about a half inch of sleet that day and it progressively got colder. Thes birds were trying to take shelter the best they could.

Blue Jays on the coldest morning we've had so far. It was 14 below zero at 7:30 am. on the 15th. These birds were trying to keep warm as best they could. They were eating a lot all day. It never got past 7 degrees this day.

Little Juncos in the frigid cold.

BlueJays all puffed up to keep warm.

A Mourning Dove and a squirrel braving the cold weather.

This squirrel was eating a nut. I don't know how they can sit on that wire fencing with their little bare bottomed feet.

More cold Blue Jays. Thank heavens the sun was shining all day, not that it helped those little critters any.