Sunday, January 5, 2014

Photos From December-2013

 This was the first squirrel to start coming around. So now I'm feeding them again, after not feeding since August. They all disappeared for some reason. I saved money for a few months..Ha!
 First skunk I'd seen in months also.

 A Coopers Hawk
 Eating a nut
 First time I'd seen the gals in a while. Tilly was with them. So happy to know they didn't get killed this hunting season.
 A squirrel sits up in the tree, eating off the branches.
 A Bluejay
 This guy is doing good. He had a bad front foot, but it's getting better. He's running back and forth, burying nuts.
And here's Tilly, out after dark.
Happy New Year everyone! I'm still hanging in there, as you can see!! I'm not complaining!! All is well so far!