Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29th-2012-Fox-Cardinal-Turkeys

I've been watching for the fawns to come back out but I haven't seen them since the 24th. The doe comes out alone every day though. And yesterday I was told that there are two does. I think maybe they each have a fawn and one watches them while the other goes foraging. Tamara, who lives next door thinks that one doe might have twins and the other has one. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if I see them all together. That would be awesome. I missed the two does yesterday. Wanda saw them from her window upstairs but she said something spooked them and they ran.
I also was told last evening that a baby fox has finally appeared up on the back hill!! It was out of my viewing area though so now I will have to wait till they start roaming further. I can't wait! Meanwhile here's some pics from this past week.

 This female skunk is te friendly one from last year. I think she has babies in the woods. She takes a treat and runs back home with it. She did that last year too just before she brought her babies down.
 My favorite daddy fox. He waits for me each morning now.

 Red squirrel keeping safe from the fox.
 A beautiful male cardinal. I see him feeding a young female all the time.
Turkeys! First ones I've seen in ages.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 21st- 24th, 2012-I Now Have Two Fawns!

I haven't seen the fawn with it's mom since the 18th. So this morning at 7 am I'm watching out the window and there comes the Doe out of the woods and wanders over. I thought she was alone at first like she's been for the past few days. Then all of sudden I see the fawn Then when the mom walked back a little ways I noticed another fawn. There are two! Now I know she couldn't ahve been pregnant when I thought she was. She would have been much bigger. She's just a healthy doe I guess. And she eats a lot to keep her strength up while she's nursing.
I watched the fawns running and jumping and was trying my best to get video of them. It sure was hard going from one room to another with my walker. But I did manage to get some video and a few pictures. They are dark because the sun hadn't hit my area yet. I'm hoping to see them in the evening or during the day when the sun is out. The colors are so much nicer.

 The female looks tired, which leads me to believe she does have babies in those woods.
 Daddy and mommy
 One of the baby woodchucks who was living out back that I never got to see.
Still no baby foxes. :(  I am adding some pics of the adult foxes though. They are still around every day.
 He still waits for me.
 The doe is over in those thick bushes. She was out every day but I never saw the fawn after the 18th.
A Northern Flicker out back
 The Doe on the 21st.

 This made me nervous. A lady down the hall threw out some apples and now the deer comes too close to the building. If it ever gets spooked while it's between the building and rock wall it could run the wrong way to the dead end and try going up the rock wall. I'm so afraid because if she ever did that her hooves would get caught in the wire fencing and she could break a leg. I only throw nuts or apples up over the wall so she will stay away from the building. That pissed me off.
 The female fox and a chipmunk up on the tree trying to hide.
A Blujay sunning itself.
 The doe and her two fawns on the 24th.

These pictures are clips taken off my video so they are not very good. I hope to get some good shots soon of them both together.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Baby Fawn Is Out!-June 18, 2012

I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I was sitting in the living room by the window at 1 pm today. It was the Doe walking along the edge of the lawn. I didn't see the fawn so I went into the bedroom and looked up towards the woods. At first I didn't see it but then I saw this little head peeking up. And then it came walking out of the woods and looking down this way. Looking for it's mom. Then it ran down to where the mom was. But I couldn't get into the living room fast enough to catch them together. The little Fawn was quick. Then it ran back to the hill and the mom went into the bushes where I couldn't see it.
The fawn looks bigger than 11 days old though. But I'm sure the doe was still pregnant on the 7th. Or at least she sure looked like it. And she's still real healthy looking. Maybe she did have the baby sooner. But all I know is they are both healthy and that fawn is so adorable! You can see the video of it coming out of the woods on my Youtube channel.
Still no fox pups yet.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 15th And 16th-2012-The Foxes-Young Red Squirrel

 The other female fox that is around every evening.
 This is the mate to the one that lies up on the back hill in the evenings. He has a beautiful full tail.
 This is the other female that I think has pups somewhere also. But she doesn't go up on that back hill. She runs straight back towards the neighbors area when she leaves so I don't get to see her much. Only when she's near the rock wall. She does have a mate but I haven't seen him in a few days. This female is very skiddish. She's small too.

This mom sits or lies down like that on the edge of the woods almost every evening now. I'm sure her pups are in the woods with their dad. One of these days they'll come running out. The parents won't be able to control them for long. Every other year the pups run all over the back hill. The older fox pairs were more trusting and brought their pups out earlier. Now we have too many people coming out the back door up there and one has a dog she ties up so I think maybe this is why the pups aren't allowed out yet. That dog is small but yips all the time and is a little mean so I hear. I'd sure hate for the fox pups to go near him.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 11th Thru 14th-2012-New Red Squirrels

 One of the new young red squirrels. I've seen two. One male and one female. They sure are noisy and aggressive and will chase the gray squirrels and chipmunks. Cute to watch.
 One of the young chipmunks

This adult male was the one with the short tail in March. It sure sprouted out funny.. I never thought it would grow again. None of the chipmunk's tails grow back.
 The mom red squirrel and one of her young ones. They are as big as she is now though. I don't think she would let them down here till they were on their own. They sure teach their young well!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 9th-10th-2012-Birds-Squirrels-Fox-Chipmunks

The deer has not been seen since the 7th so I'm hoping she is okay in the woods with her fawn and I'll be anxiously waiting to see them both next month. Meanwhile I have not seen any young foxes. I'm beginning to think that there aren't any this year. I'm still hoping though.