Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 28th-29th-2011-Woody-Granny-Legless Squirrel-Flickers

The Woodchuck. She's making her daily appearrance now.

This was Granny Fox as she was waiting for me to open my window the other morning.

Saw this squirrel with one of her front arms missing. Have never seen that before. Have seen injuries but never one completely off. I feel bad for her. It's going to be very difficult climbing and jumping. Can't imagine how that happened unless she came across a rat trap.

Young Northern Flickers on the tree. There were three but I didn't catch that one.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 26th-27th-2011-Birds-Woodchuck-Deer-Skunks


Crows. I think one is a Juvenile.

The Woodchuck. She comes down every day now to get some nuts. I can call her and she will come running.

The mom skunk on top. One of her babies that is on it's own now on bottom left and a big fat adult on the right bottom.

Another BlueJay cooling off.

This is the mom skunk who brought her three babies down. The babies have not been down with her again. I think they have all gone off on their own.

A squirrel cooling off and eating nuts at the same time.

A White-Tailed Deer that was up near the edge of the woods.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011-Four Fox Pups Came Out!

Here the mom is eating a treat while her pup looks on or tries to get it from her. I was surprised to see four pups out there with her today. I knew there were more hiding in those woods..Ha!

Some of the pups exploring and running all over the place.

The mom keeping an eye on them all.

They were out for almost an hour then they all ran back up into the woods. I didn't see them again. Hope to see them again tomorrow.
I was thrilled to see four pups come out with their mom today! They were having a ball, running all over the place. I got some pictures and a few video clips but not as good as I wanted because I was on the phone at the time. But I'll be seeing them more and more now. They are so adorable!

Oh! The mom fox caught one of those Weasels or Ermines today. That thing was kicking with all it's might while in the fox's mouth. I didn't have my camera at the time so no photo, darn it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011-Fox Pups-Chipmunks-Woodpecker

I was happy to see the pups out this morning with their dad. I only got this long distant shot of one of the pups up the tree. I have to keep a watch early in the morning so I can catch them practicing their climbing. It was so much fun watching the pups last year do that. If I don't catch them doing that I may never see it again. Last year I caught them only twice climbing the trees.

I managed to get a few photos before the Dad made them go back in the woods. I love how they interact with their parents. They will run all over the place and then come back and give him a kiss or nose nudge and off they go again. it won't be long and the parents will not be able to control them. The parents get so tired during this time. The pups want to play all day. And daddy goes out hunting at night for them. So he doesn't get much sleep.

The chipmunks are keeping an eye on the foxes and one is up the tree.

This is Daddy. I hadn't thrown any nuts up over that rock wall yet so he was coming down closer to see if anything was there, since Grandma was eating her treat. She tolerates this one pretty good but you can see how she has her ears back to warn him. He might even be her kid. Not sure. But as adults they have to keep their distance and they all have their own territory but will sometimes pass each other while looking for food. One of the adults chases Granny away sometimes. It might be the mom to the pups. It happens so fast I can never tell. Granny has been giving the people in the building a thrill lately when she runs to the front and through the parking lot and up the other side of the building to get home. She only goes that way when the other one is around or chases her.

More of Granny and Daddy fox. See her ears??

Spotted this Red Bellied woodpecker on the tree today. I never see these much.

We had a rain storm around six o'clock in the evening. It really came down hard. There were flash flood warnings up till 11 PM.

June 23rd's Photos-2011-Fox Pup-Baby Skunks

This little guy was out there all by himself around 6 pm. He snooped around and came down below my window till he found a treat and went running with it back to the woods. never saw him again. So cute!! He seems so tiny.

And here's that friendly skunk that always asks for a treat each night. She brought her three kits down for me to see! They were so cute!! She came down a couple times. She'd get a treat and take it back up to the area where she lives I think. Then she came down again with all the little ones following her. They look like a pile of fur because the little ones always cling to the mother. But I got some good video of them as they went back home..

As if I need more skunks..Ha! Ha!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chickadee-Juv Starling-Granny Fox-My Fav Male Fox-June 21st-22nd-2011

A Black Capped Chickadee

Granny under my window in the morning. Sometimes she's just sitting there like my pet, waiting for me to get up in the morning. Ha! Ha!

This poor little Starling was sitting there in the rain. Not another bird was around. I was thinking it might not be well and would probably die right in front of me. But along came a fox and settled that. At least it didn't suffer long. Last year I watch as one died slowly all day. I did not like seeing that. I had just turned the camera off when the fox came or I would have gotten that photo also. Good or bad, that's nature.

Granny Fox eating a treat and relaxing.

Here he is. Waiting for me again... I love their gentle faces.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fox-Cardinal Collages From June 20, 2011

Daddy Fox is tired from watching his kids. He'd rather be in his den sleeping during the day. I have not seen the pups again but I know they are running around in the woods.

Look at that yawn. Poor daddy..Ha! Ha!

The mom

Male Cardinal

A few of the different foxes. Mom top left. One of the other foxes. That one was born in 2009 on top right. Granny sitting outside my window and the mom heading back to the woods as the sun is setting.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Birds And Critters From The 18th-19th Of June-2011

One of the younger male fox yearlings.

The black crow that always sneaks down top get some nuts or the fox's food.

Song Sparrows

BlueJays and Male Cardinal

A juvenile BlueJay cooling off

Juvenile Song Sparrow

The woodchuck