Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011-The Lone Chipmunk

This chipmunk has been coming out since February 14th. That was the day I first saw him anyway. Now it's an everyday thing to see him out there, even in the deep snow. I'm glad he has the safety of that rock wall. I'd be sad if the hawk swooped down and got him. he seems to be the only one at this time.


rainfield61 said...

Look like I can do some sliding exercises on your header.

ShySongbird said...

The Chipmunk is a pretty little creature Ginny.

Glad to see you had a bit of sunshine in the last day or two to cheer up all that snow!

Beautiful photos of all your lovely 'critters' :)

Ratty said...

I think this is the closest I've ever been to seeing a chipmunk in the winter myself. I only ever see rare tracks. He must think of that rock wall as a huge network of caves.