Friday, March 11, 2011

Deer And Chipmunks-March 11, 2011

This injured deer seems to be okay despite his injury.

This is another deer. He looks a bit thin and has bloodshot eyes a bit. He comes around once in a while and is alone also.

This squirrel was watching the deer very close. He stood up like that for a long time..

I saw two chipmunks out there today but couldn't get a photo of them together. All of them will soon be coming.

The chipmunk was sitting up on top of the wall. The squirrel was looking at him. It was another rainy day but later in the afternoon it fried out a bit. The snow is melting fast.


Out on the prairie said...

Those are some great shots.You can tame the chipmunk with peanuts pretty easy.

Martha Z said...

That chipmunk makes me smile, he is so cute.