Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Day Of February-2011-Injured Deer-Crows

These were taken on the 27th, early morning. That's all I took that day. Some snow left on the trees but melting off fast.

On this morning, the 28th, it was raining quite heavy. You can see how wet this squirrel is. The kept trying to shake off the rain.

A couple of crows. They are mates. I was watching one groom the other.

Look how soggy this poor House Sparrow was.. At first I thought he couldn't fly but he did.

Here's that lone deer that always comes by himself. I feel so bad for him. He has such a bad injury above his nose. I'm surprised he's still alive. Maybe a bullet went through him or he was injured in a fight or on a fence. But I can see the bones down in there and that is not good. It will get all infected and he will die I think. It's been like that all winter but seems to be getting worse. I got a real good close up look at it today for the first time in a video.

I took this still clip from the video. That looks so gross. The poor thing. I'm surprised he can still chew his food. I bet this will eventually go to his brain.

A Black Crow


Out on the prairie said...

that is a major chunk out of that deer. It will mess with its chance to smell I would think.

rainfield61 said...

Such a pity to the deer.

This is what we call Nature.

Ratty said...

I feel bad for the poor deer. I've seen a few with injuries just as bad, and they miraculously lived just fine for quite some time.

Ginnymo said...

He's had that injury since last fall. I always noticed a spot on him but never got a close up look at it till now. And it was bleeding tonight when I saw him. (Mar 1st) I sure hope he lives.

The Retired One said...

Love that wet sparrow! Oh, and I love your hawk header! Striking!