Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011-The Fox Pups

In the early morning I first see the sun on the tops of the trees and then a short time later I can see it coming up through the back woods. These pictures were taken at the same time.

I missed getting a good shot of the fox when he was on top of that wall. He was looking down towards me before he turned around but I didn't get my camera in time. Then he was watching another fox coming down from the back hill. He's not quite sure if it's a safe one or not before he ran back there to check.

They both seemed a bit leary of each other at first. But they are siblings. I guess they have separted now and gone off on their own but will still come together at times. They have to make sure they know each other first. I love how they fluff up their tails and hump their backs.

Then the one came back over to eat more nuts and this one followed soon after. He or she had to stop and sniff along the way.

They are back to eating the nuts out there now.

I like to catch them with their mouth open now and then so I can check ther teeth. These pups have grown up nice and healthy it seems. Hope they survive the winter.

It's the end of another month. How fast time seems to go. This is how the moon looked tonight behind some haze.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28, 2011-Deer-Blue Jays-Rat-Squirrels-Fox

Mom deer came out with her two young ones this evening. Two of the fox were out there at the same time. See the deer's three butts? Ha!

The deer and the fox

The fox wanted some nuts too and they would get as close as they could to the deer before the Doe stomped her foot and scared them and they'd run back and around the bush. At one moment the Doe actually chased a fox.

Lots of Blue Jays around. They will be here all winter.

Look at that face. I kind of feel sorry for her. She is looking for a better spot to have her babies I think. She's getting fat. She always tries to get down into that grate but she just won't fit. Then she's always sniffing under the siding. I hope to God she never gets up under there and inside this building. I'm waiting for the chipmunks to go to their dens for the winter but since it's still warm enough and no snow they will keep coming for more nuts.

A BlueJay is sitting high in the tree and then flies down. A crow is heading to the roof.

The frosty back hill early in the morning on the 28th. The sun was just coming up through the woods.

This fox was relaxing out there while eating some nuts.

A young squirrel enjoys a nut. And a squirrel's nest in the early morning sun. Not sure if any squirrel is staying in there. I don't think so. it just doesn't look sturdy enough for winter. They have a couple different spots and they sometimes will use these as a resting spot.

Friday, October 28, 2011

October 25th-2011-Hawk-Dove-Ladybug-Squirrels

This Sharp Shinned Hawk wasn't having any luck catching anything. The little squirrel was hiding in the bush till he left.

This Mourning Dove was sitting up in the tree and then flew down to the top of the wall. He looked down at the ground for a while before he came all the way down to get some seeds. They get spooked easy so check the territory out good before coming down.

A jet passing by and a squirrel sits on a branch near it's nest.

This was a Ladybug that got inside somehow. I let her back out after I took these photos. Maybe I should have let her stay inside. It's supposed to be good luck I heard..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 24, 2011-The Doe And Her Young Ones

The Doe and her Two young ones were wandering around so I got a chance to see them. too bad it was such a gloomy day. That's why the photos are dark. It was nice seeing them again. I don't see them that often.

The mom was cleaning her son. Seems she pays more attention to him than the female.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 20th Thru 22nd-2011-Fox-Hawk-Rat-Vole-Crows

This Sharp-Shinned Hawk was sitting up in this tree and the Crows were having a fit. They were yelling at it and dive bombing it till it finally left.

This rat is not going to leave. It's a female and I think she is going to have babies soon. Just what I need..

This is a little Vole. It was eating the moss that covers the rocks out there. I think Voles are cute.

A flock of Crows flying off towards the West in the evening. They gather up in huge groups way back in the woods and then all leave together for parts unknown. They come back during the day and repeat the same thing every night. They must have a special place where they roost for the night.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 17th-18-th-2011-Sky-Birds-Rat-Doe

A jet had just passed and left it's trail in the sky. Puffy clouds. A Blue Jay. A House Sparrow and the sillouette of a crow.

This is the rat that is living in the rock wall now. He's cute but eventually he will have to go.

Morning with the sun coming up through the back woods. A squirrel on his way down to get some nuts.

This is the mom to the twin fawns. She was out there alone though. The kids were probably back in the woods not too far away.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011-Fall-Titmouse-Fox-Squirrels-Chipmunks

The Squirrel's nest. Hope it stays together through the winter. All the leaves are falling fast around here.

Squirrels on the ground and one up in the tree hiding.

A young squirrel up on the tree. And some blue sky before the rains came the past few days.

Tufted Titmouse

Squirrel burying something and another squirrel's bushy tail.

The adult female fox that came to visit for the first time in in a over two months. I was so happy to see an adult. Thought they were all dead. Wish I would see Granny come back. This is one of Granny's daughters.

She came right down close like she always used to. She's a pretty one.

The Chipmunk

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Baby Squirrel On The 10th Of October-2011

He was looking off towards the woods. It's a long way to run.
He eventually wandered onto the other side where I couldn't see him any more and I haven't seen him since.

This adult female came around and I'm hoping that maybe that baby is hers. But she wasn't paying any attention to it so I'm afraid it might not have been. She ended up going off into the woods. The baby was still in the wall.

The baby squirrel was out there on Monday, the 10th, but today, the 11th, I didn't see it at all. I'm hoping it's still alive but chances are it isn't.