Monday, March 7, 2011

March 6th And 7th-Wild Weather Here-Rain Then Snow

Squirrels during the early morning rain of the 6th. Notice how bare the top of that rock wall got. The snow really melted away fast over two days. It was raining heavy and near 50 degrees.

Some of the birds just before the rain changed to snow on the 6th.

The snow started coming down very wet at around 1:00 pm. These Cardinals were getting all the food they could.

A male and female cardinal in the wet snow.

The Doe came along in the evening with her two children that were born last year. You can see the snow on them.

The Doe was paying attention to something up on the hill. She must have heard something. Or maybe more deer were up there that I couldn't see.

The snow coming down after dark. I took these from my open window with a flash. Thought maybe I'd catch a deer back there but I didn't.

Took these through my window around 10:00 pm that night.

And here's the difference from night till morning. View from my bedroom window. there was a few inches on top of that rock wall at night on the 6th and by morning at 6:30m there was about 18 inches.

Now you can see just how much snow did fall. It was real early and taking these through the window they aren't that good. One squirrel was just making his way down but a little leery of the deep snow.

Eventually a few squirrels made it down. They dug tunnels through the snow.

You can barely see that one squirrel as he sat on top of the wall inside the path they made.

The squirrel's nest is all covered but I'm sure she's warm inside of it. But with all that rain the day before I'm not quite sure how they keep those nests from getting soaked.

The Juncos and other birds had to fly down next to the building to get their food. That's where I throw it when the snow is deep.

I took these with the window open and a flash. You can see all the holes where the squirrels came through.

It sure is deep out there again.

One squirrel is heading back home.

On top of the wall. They would try to climb down and end up falling down with the snow. But they didn't mind as long as they had food.

All the holes in the snow where the squirrels came out. I never did catch one coming through though, darn it.

What a couple days we've had here! It rained buckets all day on the 6th and then turned into wet, heavy snow and continued snowing all night. When I woke up this morning there was almost twenty inches of fresh new snow out there!! I sure am glad I don't have to shovel because that stuff was real heavy. All the schools were closed and lots of businesses. That's the most we've gotten at one time all winter.
These pictures start out on the 6th when it was warm and raining and had melted lots of the snow away. On this post they will end with photos from early morning on the 7th. I will have a new post for the photos I took the rest of the day on the 7th. The sun came out later that day and it was real pretty. I couldn't see much though. That snow was high on that wall.


Martha Z said...

Winter just doesn't want to leave. I'm sure all the little critters around there will be glad to see spring.

Out on the prairie said...

You were just getting away from snow and had it return.