Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 1st Was A Sunny Day-Birds And Deer Pics

It was so good to see the sun and blue skies again. This was early morning. All the birds were coming down for their food and the squirrels are always here real early in the mornings now. They wake me up at 6:30, jumping on my window. Lots of BlueJays flying around in these photos.

A jet streaking across the clear blue sky seems to go right through the sun.

The injured deer has blood on that open wound but at least he's with two other deer this time. I think he is one half of the twins that were born last year. I was glad to see him with the others. Most times he's alone.

The other two deer that were out there.

Got one's behind and the other's face and eyes looking towards the sunset.

Now they are heading back to where they stay at night. Wish these had come out clearer. I was standing on my stool in my bedroom window trying to get these.

One has an itch and stops to scratch it. Then they were gone out of my view.


Out on the prairie said...

Some nice weater for theday, it was 50. Back to a little cold.I am anxious to see your fox.

rainfield61 said...

Cute one with an itch. It may need my help.

Frank said...

Blue skies are a rarity over here at the moment but at least the wildlife doesn't have snow to contend with any more. Lovely to see your deer but but I share your corncern about the injured one.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos Ginny. I do feel sorry for the Deer with the injury, poor thing.