Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Hawk-Little Hawk-February 26th 2011

Squirrel eating a nut. The early morning cloudy skies. A BlueJay in flight, on it's way down to get some food.

The sun behind the early morning clouds through the woods. A squirrel's nest deep in the woods and a closer view of it. A squirrel on it's way home.

The Cardinals a a Sparrow sit very still in the bush just before the small hawk came swooping down into it. The hawk missed the birds this time. Lucky for them. The hawk got himself out of the bush and was on the ground behind it for a minute before flying up into a tree.

The small hawk was up above the squirrel's nest. The squirrel sat there unconcerned till a large hawk landed on the top of a Pine tree over to his right. Then he hid himself upside down on the trunk of the tree, while the smaller hawk tried to get himself hid behind the branch he was on.

Here's all three of them. The big hawk, the little hawk and the squirrel.

More photos of them.

A pretty male cardinal lands on the fencing while another is in the bush.

A pretty little Tufted Titmouse. The female cardinal and a pair of cardinals.

A pretty Female Cardinal

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 25th Snowfall Photos-PM-11 Inches Fell

Snowfall during the second half of the day. And how I see it from one of my windows. A lonely dove sits on the snow covered branch.

The squirrel's nest and the tree it's in. Close up and far away. I didn't see the squirrel at all.

Birds in the bush and a squirrel up on the tree on it's way home. Not many squirrels came back down in the afternoon. Just a couple.

This stray Goldfinch came to get some food also. It was all alone.

Lots of Juncos in that bush, along with some Sparrows and a female Cardinal in the snowy bush too.

This squirrel braved the deep snow to come down for one more meal before heading home.

Here he is going back home. Notice in the bottom right photo how he climbs under the branch to stay off the snow.

Here's that bush by the end of the day. There's a little Junco inside of it.

More scenery that I see from my window. That one clump of snow on top of a Pine is way off in the distance.

Towards the end of the day now and starting to lose the daylight.

I used the flash to take these. I like how the cardinals looked in that bush. I had to open the window to take these.

Female Cardinal and a male.

The wind started to pick up just at dusk and a few of the deer walked through that deep snow to come look for something to eat. They didn't get any nuts but they did get their apples. They'd never find the nuts in that deep snow. I throw the food out right under my windows when the snow is deep and the deer don't come down into that area. It's for the birds and squirrels mostly anyway.

After dark view of the snow covered area. Opened the window to take these also with the flash.

The end of the night. I took these from inside without the flash. They aren't as clear but I like the color.
We got a total of eleven inches. It sure was pretty!

Photos From The 25th Of Feb- SnowFall-AM

The beginning of the day. not much snow on the trees yet. All the squirrels were down to get their bellies full in case they can't make it after all the snow falls.

Lots of birds too. I'm getting more and more Starlings now. Don't like to see them show up. They eat all the food too fast. but I like watching them also.

The snow is coming down heavier now. Lots of birds around.

The BlueJays and Cardinals sure do stand out against all that white snow.

A Tufted Titmouse in the snowy bush. It was sitting there all alone. Don't know where it's mate was but they usually travel in pairs.

Lots of snow falling.. Quite a few Juncos around.

The parking lot before they plowed. This was early. Still lots more snow to fall. I love how that little Pine Tree looked with all the snow on it.

View from one of my windows. That rock wall is right outside and I have to look up. I can't see over the top. Sometimes I stand on a stool to get better photos.

More scenery. The back hill and side yard.

This squirrel was digging in the snow for his nuts.

Lots of birds taking shelter in the bush.

Beautiful Cardinals and a couple of House Sparrows.
I'm putting the rest of the photos in the next post. There's so many. But I loved the snow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011-Cloudy Today-More Snow Coming

It was a cloudy day but got to about 33 degrees. We are in for some heavy, wet snow and maybe rain mixing in with it tomorrow.
I saw a cute little Black capped Chickadee today. Saw a pair but only caught one. Also saw the Tufted Titmouse pair but didn't get any great pics of it. One deer was down towards dark time. The photos aren't that great this time. But I did get some close up video of her eating.. Might put that on my Youtube site tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011-Beautiful Sunny Day

A pair of Crows sitting on a branch on this beautiful but cold sunny morning.

European Starlings. I have too many now. But it could be worse. There's under ten. Later in the spring there will be way too many. They hog all the food.

A few of the birds I saw today.

This female cardinal seems to sit all alone a lot out there. I'm wondering if she is the mate to the one that got killed. She will find another mate hopefully

Some of the scenery and a couple squirrels on the tree and an icicle. Wish those things would go away. They are like daggers when they fall and could kill one of the critters out there.

A male and female cardinal

And this is the female squirrel staying near her nest just before she went into it for the night.

It was such a pretty day even though it started out at 9 below zero this morning. Got up to about 29 by the end of the day. It will be our last sunny day for a while. Cloudy tomorrow and by tomorrow night some snow and then on Friday snow or rain mix.