Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010-Scenery And Critters

The sunrise and the moon at the same time that morning.

A Black Crow. That squirrel's nest is off in the distance also. See how all the leaves have gone now from that tree.

A squirrel on a branch in the early sun and a closer view of the squirrel's nest.

The back hill and woods. Still some color close to the ground. The foxes can still hide pretty good back there.

This cargo plane seems to go by every day. It's always pretty low and loud.

Some of the Gray foxes at night and a skunk. My favorite critters of course!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25, 2010-Skunks-Cardinal-Chippy-Fox

This young female Cardinal sat still long enough for me to get some nice shots of her. So pretty against the fall colors of the trees in the background.

This Chipmunk was stuffing his mouth full of leaves to take back to his den. They are all doing that right now. getting ready for winter. This older female fox came down but I didn't see her mate. She's getting fatter and hopefully will make it through another winter.

These three fat skunks are always out there every night. Others are around too. Some come before dark.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 20, 2010-Fall-Foxes-Birds

The sun was behind the tree and this squirrel was enjoying a nut and the sunny day.

The squirrel's nest close up and from a distance. If you look close you will see a squirrel upside down on the left side of his nest. He was fixing it so I guess maybe there will be some activity there all winter. I thought it was abandoned at first.

A squirrel was on top of the rock wall watching the fox and waiting for it to leave, hoping the fox wasn't going to eat every nut.

This is what the trees look like out here. You can see how bare it has gotten around that nest. Can you see the squirrel on the branch amongst the leaves?

This is my pretty older female Gray Fox. I hope she stays safe for another year. She's been around here for a few years now.

This Chipmunk is keeping watch on where the fox goes.

And finally some of the birds I saw this day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 19, 2010 More Critters And Birds

That one photo on the bottom left side is funny. The skunk seems to be saying, "don't you come any closer than that little foxy".

It is funny how they are so close and seem to get along okay. No threat to the skunk and he knows it. Besides, they have grown up together so to speak..ha! Ha!

Another neighborhood cat hunting.

By the way. The cat that my sister came and got from here is doing great! Runs around her yard and sleeps in a very large cage at night in her garage. She can't bring him inside yet because she's giving it medicine for a parasite. She doesn't want her two cats catching anything. Someday maybe it will look as fat as this one.

Monday, October 18, 2010

October 17th And 18th Critters And Skies-Misc

The sun was behind the tree. I liked the way the clouds looked. Real dark below and blue on top. The rains had subsided and it was starting to clear up finally.

A squirrel sitting on top of the rock wall and a BlueJay checking out the area. Probably both were waiting for me to throw some food out.

I like different cloud formations. The silver lining doesn't show up as good in the photos as it looked in person.

My favorite old Gray Fox . He will sit there like a puppy dog just waiting for me to come to the window and throw out some nuts. I bet sometimes he sits out there for an hour before I see him. The lady upstairs tells me she sees him sitting there. He comes every day and was the daddy to some of the pups. He's been here for a few years now. He has a little niche in his left ear. Maybe from a fight. Or maybe one of the pups got too rough and bit a piece off. His left eye isn't as open as the right I noticed. I hope he makes it through the winter again this year. I hope I do also.

A little house sparrow sitting all alone and then he flew towards me.

A House Sparrow or House Finch. Not sure which. The Squirrel's nest is very visible now that the leaves have fallen from that area.. A pretty female Cardinal sits all alone on the branch. And a Blue jay sits way over on that old stump, probably eating a nut.

This squirrel was sitting in the tree branches waiting for the fox to leave. And so was that little Chipmunk. A few of the fallen leaves. They are piling up fast out there.

Two of the fox pups at dusk, eating some nuts.

The moon through the woods tonight, the 18th.

One of the fox pups on it's way home for the evening. I can't get clear photos when it's almost dark. He's so handsome.

The foxes and the skunks are always trying to get at the nuts before one or the other eats them all. That skunk came running down from the woods so fast when it heard me throw some nuts out. Ha! I love watching them all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 16, 2010-Fall Trees And Skunks

The leaves are thinning out fast and they aren't as pretty now. I spotted this one pretty orange leaf that had fallen. That squirrel's nest looks lonely up there. Not much protection for them. I think they abandoned this one for the winter. Squirrels will have more than one nest just to use for shelter at times. That helicopter was sure loud when it went over. I didn't catch it soon enough though for a better photo.

In the top photo you can see one of the skunks coming down out of the woods. On the bottom there are two skunks out there begging for food. When I open the window they put their paws up on the building. They are so cute!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 13, 2010-Sunrise-Blue Sky-Birds-Foxes

The sun comes up through the woods out back. I like the way it throws shadows over the lawn.

I always feel sorry for the hawks when I see the crows chasing them. Sometimes they make an awful noise when the crows hit them.

The leaves won't be on the trees after this weekend. We are supposed to get lots of rain and heavy winds.

A female Cardinal under the bush. A Junco in the bush. A Bluejay gathering nuts off the ground and some kind of woodpecker on the tree. It doesn't have any red on it that I could see.

Saw five foxes out there this day!! These are two of the eight month old pups. That one is the cutest of the bunch.