Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 30, 2010-Birds

Just some House Sparrows, a White Throated sparrow and Cardinals. It's funny how the little Sparrows always hang with the cardinals. They seem to follow them around a lot. But the more birds there are in a bush, the warmer they are I presume. February is upon us. Hopefully we will get some milder weather for these poor little critters.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 29, 2010-Friday-Birds-Moon

Tracks in the snow. Bottom ones are from the fox.

Tufted Titmouse

House Sparrows freezing in the sub-zero weather and wind. A White-Throated Sparrow and a Nuthatch, who likes to come down to the ground and get some nuts also. And of course a Bluejay.

The Cardinals. I wish that female wasn't so quick. Never get very many good photos of her.

The poor Mourning Doves were really cold. There were lots of them down here today in the wind and cold.

This is the moon at 2 am and at 4 am behind the tree.I got up to take pictures and as I opened the window a fox was just coming down. I scared him away. It was below zero so I didn't linger there for long. The one behind the tree was taken through the window.

Friday, January 29, 2010

It Snowed!! January 28, 2010

We finally got some snow. I tried to beat it but when I came out of the store yesterday there was an inch on my car. It came down real heavy at noon. But it was real pretty. Got a few pics of the squirrels and birds in it. I was glad to get home. The wind picked up and it got a lot colder and blustery as the day went by. Went down below zero overnight. Brrrr!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Few Deer-January 27, 2010

Saw quite a few deer out there tonight. Also saw a skunk for the first time in weeks and the Opossum was out there also. I didn't bother taking any pics of them because the foxes were out there too and I didn't want to scare them away. The crippled one was outside my living room window till I moved the curtain and he ran. I didn't know he was there or I wouldn't have looked out the window at that time. I hate scaring him away. Would like to observe him for a while without him knowing but it's so hard.
The weather is going to get real cold for the next week, starting tomorrow night. Haven't had any snow to cover up the dirty ground outside. It's supposed to snow hard for a very short time around noon tomorrow so maybe we'll get an inch or two.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Fox On 24th-Foggy Day 25th

It was foggy all day long yesterday. And a gloomy, rainy day. It got up to almost 50 degrees. Not good. Caused a lot of flooding in some areas.
Got one of the foxes on the 24th. Not much activity going on the past two days. No deer either. It's because of all the rain I think. When it snows they will be back around.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Hawk And Deer-Jan. 21st

That hawk sure is around a lot these days. He was sitting up there till almost dark. The moon was in the background. One of the deer was down by the building again. I was talking to him from my bedroom window and he didn't even care. Guess he's getting used to me now. He did go eventually and wandered back up the hill and into the woods.
The foxes were out there but didn't get any pics. One barked. He was in the woods when I was taking the deer's picture. Not sure if he was barking at the deer or me. Probably me. They are always out there with the deer.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels....And The Hawk

This is time of year when the squirrels run around looking for a mate. I feel sorry for the females. There will be five or more males chasing her at one time and sometimes even fighting over her. As soon as she picks out which one she wants, they will mate and then start making a home somewhere for her to have her babies. The babies will stay with the mother for 3 months before she lets them come down out of the trees. She teaches them very well. Usually in April or May I will start seeing all the young ones.
Meanwhile it's a hectic running match out there. Up and down and all around the trees as the males continue to pursue those females. It's funny to watch them.
These are the photos from yesterday, the 20th of January.
I spotted the three-legged fox last night just for a brief moment. But at least I know he's alive and well! He will not let me get a photo of him. He runs real fast! It will be their mating season also. In February. The trappers and hunters can still hunt them till Feb. 15th. So it might be after that that they mate.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 19, 2010-Had A Little Snow Today

After all last weekend the snow had just about melted away and things were looking dirty and dull. So I was glad to see some snow falling this morning. It was pretty again! I love the snow falling. I am kind of wishing we'd get a foot of snow..Ha! As long as I had enough supplies and could stay inside, I'd love it! I do love winter. And I especially like snow storms. When I was younger I used to have a lot of fun during snow storms. It seemed like everyone wanted to go out drinking during storms. And when I had my bar it was always a fun time. Even trying to get home was kind of fun after I closed up. I lived 7 miles from my bar and some nights I'd be following someone else's tracks just to make it home.. I always did all through those 17 years. Just one time I got stuck right at my driveway and had to shovel all that snow before I could park the car. I lived in a mobile home park so my driveway was not that large. But still a lot of snow to shovel at 4 am. Ha!
I only got a few photos of the squirrel today and a few of one of the Gray foxes tonight. I still have not spotted my crippled fox since Dec. 31st. But I'm sure I will one of these nights. Just have to get lucky and be looking at the right time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Deer Came Early Tonight-Jan. 13th-2010

I was surprised to see a few of the deer out there early tonight. I got a few photos. Then they went through the neighbor's yards to get to other bird feeders. They got spooked though and ran back up through into the woods. Later they came back after dark. That little one was right down near my windows again. He wandered into the tight spot by my bedroom window. I was watching him because I was worried about him trying to walk up the rock wall and fencing. He did try to get out that way but turned around and came back and lingered by the window for a while, eating whatever leftover nuts were out there. I shined the flash light on him to make him go towards the front so he could find his way out and get back up on the hill. The other deer had already gone home. One of the foxes was out there at the same time. First time I've seen one in a while. Did not see the crippled one though. Hope I do soon just so I'll know he's still okay.
These are the photos I got tonight and some from today of the birds and hawk. I got some photos of the Cardinal in flight today too. And that Sharp-Shinned Hawk was in that tree for a very long time. The squirrel was nearby and at one time tried to climb around the hawk but decided to go up further to a different branch.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 12, 2009-Deer At Night Near Building Too

These two deer were around again tonight. It is a Doe and her young one. The pictures aren't that good because I was taking them through the window. Too much noise in them. There used to be a set of twins and I think this is the only one left now. He's a brave one. He keeps coming down close to the building to eat the nuts that are out there for the fox. That's not good. Now the fox won't get any. I got one of him as he was right outside my living room window. I opened the bedroom window and he never ran. In fact, I had to talk to him to get him to come out where I could get a photo. Then he realized I was there and ran to the top and other side of the rock wall where I got the other photo of him. The poor thing still has Burdock stuck to his tail. The mother had ran off as soon as she saw me at the window. I saw more deer in the neighbor's yard after dark, going to the bird feeders. They do that every winter.
I'll be getting better photos soon. As the days get longer, they will be here when it's lighter.

Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010-Birds And Deer

Saw these two deer tonight. I got the window open to take a few flash photos of them anyway. You can see the one turning to run away. I especially like the distant one with them both looking back at me as they go back up the hill.

This is the sun behind the clouds today. I like the way it looks.

The Cardinals

And some Bluejays. Caught a couple in flight.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deer-Squirrels-Birds-Jan. 8th and 9th-2010

I'm glad the deer are finally starting to come around my way. They are so pretty.

This is out back of my building on the back hill and the woods where the foxes live and all the critters. I think the foxes might have a den in one of those old fallen trees or under them.

I was a beautiful, sunny day today but very very cold. It's only 7 degrees at 5 pm here.

This was last night, the 8th after that young deer was below my window. The snowy photo is from the night before.

And of course I have some of the birds that hang around here. It was a little gusty yesterday and about 17 degrees.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Single Photos-Mouse And Deer

This young deer in above photo was just down below my bedroom window. I tried to open the window quietly but it didn't work. He ran off so fast. But before I did that I was shining the flashlight on him. That's how I know it was a young one. Chubby fella too. But I worry about him being that close. He walked over that wired rock retainer wall to get down there. He could very easily get his hoof caught in the fencing. I hope I don't have to worry about him all the time now..Ha! Ha! I waited till he was over near the front area before I opened the bedroom window because I knew if he ran, he'd run the other way where it was safe. And he did. Then he stopped and looked at me from the other side of the wall. That's when I opened the bedroom window and tried to get a photo but he ran back up the hill out back. And all I got was this photo. Better than nothing I guess.

Can you spot the little mouse in the middle of all those seeds? He sure is in his glory! I was on a stool with the top part of my window open to flash him. He couldn't quite figure out where I was.