Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 30, 2011-More Critters And Birds

I'm worried about this young squirrel because it is losing it's fur. It won't make it through the cold winter probably.

This squirrel was just sitting there in the bush and then came down to beg. They look so cute when they do that.

I still have this rat around. It must have dug itself a deep hole for the winter. It comes out of the same spot all the time now. I'm wondering how many more there will be in the spring. unless I give him a poison ball to take back to his den. I'm so used to him now that I hate doing it but I know what I'm in for if I don't. It's something I have to think about. But for now he's free. I don't have to worry about him killing any chipmunks. They are in their dens now for a couple months maybe, unless it gets real warm.

More Mourning Doves.

The sky near sunset.

The sun going down

Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011-Birds-Squirrels, Snow!

We finally got some snow on the 28th. It wasn't much but it looked pretty coming down. It was real windy and cold. After having temperatures in the 40's for so long it was tough for some people. It snowed all day but we only ended up with about an inch.

The squirrels had to get used to the cold too but it didn't stop them. Never does.

I'm not seeing any cardinals around. And only a couple Bluejays. This jay was cold and just sitting there in the bush trying to keep warm. Got lots of Juncos around and House sparrows. That one squirrel on the bottom right is going to have a tough time staying warm this winter. His fur is thin. not sure why. He's a young one too.

The Crows are still gathering at dusk and then heading West for the night to roost.

This is all the snow we got on the day before. This is the morning of the 29th with the sun peeking through the woods. But it was only 9 degrees out there and only got up to 20 today.

A couple squirrels were chasing each other up in that tree.

Here one is sitting, watching something off in the distance. Probably a cat. They wouldn't come down for about a half hour.

A Junco and a House Sparrow.

The sky at sundown. I like the pretty colors.

And this was the moon tonight through some haze.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011-A Few Critter Pics

This young squirrel sure is chubby. I like the way he's looking back at me.

We only got a dusting of snow the morning of the 8th. It melted fast though.

This little guy is still running around out there every day. The rat chases him but he always manages to run faster. So far.

Crows heading West in the evening. They do that every night. In the mornings they come back. I still don't know where they go.

Sunset on the 8th and the moon at 2:30 in the morning on the 9th. I got up at that time and looked out the window and saw it there so I took a picture through the glass. I didn't want to open the window. It came out okay. But the full moon is tonight, the 10th. Not sure if I'll get a picture of it. It's too cold to be opening the window to get clear shots. Going down in the low 20's tonight. Brrrr!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Critters From December 4, 2011

This one rat seems to be the only one left out there for now. I'm going to call him Oscar. He is funny and cute to watch. Except for when he tries to catch the chipmunk or act like he's trying to find a way inside this building.. I'll leave him alone for now.

This is the only chipmunk that is out there also. I hope he's careful. I do worry about the rat getting him. It's a good thing he has that grate to run down into. The rat tries to get in there but can't.

I don't like to see the chipmunk running through the walls. It's supposed to get much colder this week so maybe he will disappear into his den for a while.

Just some sky scenery after the sun went down.

And the moon through the branches again.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011-Deer-Jet-Squirrels And The Moon

Katie wanted to see how the deer would look as a penciled sketch so here it is Katie.

The Doe was out there with her two, almost grown up, kids. The male one looks as if he might be starting to grow antlers. Wish I had gotten more pics but they moved too fast and didn't stay because I hadn't thrown any apples or nuts up there. I don't throw anything up there right now because of the rats. I'm still seeing one rat so there might still be a family of them around somewhere.

Just a jet going past. I wonder why on some days the jets go by and their vapor trail goes away fast and on other days they stay forever and widen up so much. Do any of you believe in those Contrail stories or Chemtrails?? I've seen them a lot here on some days. The planes will go back and forth in all different ways and leave huge trails behind them that seem to just float to the ground. When I see those I never want to be outdoors. Just in case.. You never know what the government might be up to.

A squirrel dangling upside down in the bush and two more sitting up in the trees. A picture of the back woods and a pumpkin that someone put back there. Frost is on the ground also.

And this is the moon tonight. I tried to get a photo through the branches at first and that's how the first pic came out. And it was through the window. So I opened the window and got some good shots of it. I love how you can see all the craters in it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011-Chipmunk

This is one of the two chipmunks that are still running around out there. But the weather is finally getting cooler so maybe they will go back to their dens again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 28, 2011-Baby Rats

Now I have baby rats out there. These two look like they are too small to be out but maybe their mom was one that died. They are cute and I feel sad for them. They seem to be alone but I was reading up on them and they are on their own at five weeks and did you know that male rats are sexually active by five or six weeks?? In captivity they take the males away from the females. They will even mate with their sisters and mothers..Yikes! No wonder there are so many so fast!! If you don't get at them soon they will multiply way too fast.
I still have to put more poison out in the wall but it's been too damn warm and the chipmunks are out again. So now I have to wait for cold weather to set in. By that time I could have dozens and dozens of rats.. I think I did get rid of quite a few but now I am still seeing a few adults and now these babies. Heaven only knows how many other babies are lurking in there..

Look at that little pug nose on that one..LOL

Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25, 2011-One Squirrel

This squirrel was keeping a watch on something out there. Most likely a neighborhood cat.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

November 21st-22nd-2011-Scenery-Titmouse-Victims Of Poison

I always enjoy seeing the sun coming up through the woods.. if you look closely at the bottom pics you can also see a jet stream behind the trees.

I love these little birds. They are so cute and have the cutest sound.

The squirrel's nests, far and close views.

Now we come to the little critters that ate some of the rat poisoned peanut butter balls that I put inside the rock wall. This is a vole that was dying.

These are three critters that have been affected from the poison. The field Mouse and Voles eat the balls inside the wall. Then sometimes they crawl outside and the skunk will eat them if they come across them dead. Apparently that is what happened to this skunk.

He's in the first stages of the poison right now and a bit wobbly. He did end up going back up around the rock wall and heading home. I hope he made it back to his hole and if he is dying will die inside it. I'm not sure if any other animals will eat skunks after they are dead. I'm still not quite sure if he is poisoned because he has a big wad of Burdock Thistles stuck to his belly and that could have been the reason. I'm hoping so. But I have my doubts only because they will eat any little critter they come across , dead or alive.

He was such a cute little skunk too. I was talking to him and he was looking at me with those little black eyes. I feel so guilty.

The Mama rat and two of her offspring are the only ones left out there that I can see now. She must not be touching those balls. She was my first one here and looks like she will be the last. I will have to try something else to get her. She's very smart.