Monday, January 31, 2011

More Bird & Squirrel Photos-January 31, 2011

A pretty BlueJay. A Tufted Titmouse. A male Cardinal and a little White Throated Sparrow peeking through under the cardinal.

BlueJays in flight

A crow on the branch and as he flies off.

Love watching these squirrels eat their nuts. This one was so cute. Looks like he's been in a battle. His ear has a nick in it.

This one ran up the tree to eat his nut. It's safe up there.

And another squirrel posing for me. Ha!

I can't believe January has already come to an end. The time goes by so fast. These days I don't want time to go fast because I don't have that much time left.
I still have not seen any deer or foxes.


Out on the prairie said...

We do have some similar critters. I like the titmouse, your bluejay poses better. Mine are all flighty.They say when you see a group together, the female flies away first. not sure that would always be true.

Garden Groans said...

Oh Ginny...your squirrels are just too cute. It's great to see them up close in your photos...the birds too.


Jean said...

Ginny, Your courage and love of wildlife should be shared with the world. Do it...(not just here)....

Lrong said...

Greetings from Japan... I am quite amazed that you are able to take these fine pictures just from your window... amazing...

Ginnymo said...

Hi Prairie. Not sure about the females flying away first. I can't tell which is which..Ha!
Thank you Garden. I love my squirrels even though there are way too many out there.
jean. I wouldn't know where else to share them. I only put them on Facebook for my family to see.
Nice to have you here Lrong! I do get to see all these critters because I feed them and they are very close to the windows. I'm not supposed to feed them here but I do and will till I can't any more.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate them all!!