Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Last Photos From January-2011

It's a new month and I'm hoping I will get to see the deer soon. I usually get the best photos of them in February. Meanwhile these are the last photos for January.
We got the first round of snow this morning. Now it has stopped but the big storm will start after midnight and drop sleet on us and then about 9 inches of snow. We were supposed to get over a foot of snow but since it might be some sleet they have knocked the amounts down to about 9 inches. Won't know till Wednesday has come and gone. I'll be all safe and warm in my little apartment. Today there are tons of birds. They know it's going to storm and want to get as much food as possible. Lots of squirrels too. I'll have those pics up tomorrow. I love snow storms!!


Out on the prairie said...

I got a giggle from the dove peeking over the snow.I like to try and shoot the sun through icicles to get a unique effect.We are trapped from this last storm.I have 50-60 shots still from last month, I went overboard with a photogenic eagle.

rainfield61 said...

It is a new month, and it is the start of Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit.