Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Photos From The 12th Of Jan. 2011

Snow pictures from morning till night.

A Mourning Dove. It's looking down into the grate because seeds are down there and it can't get at them..

Spotted this Woodpecker up in the tree. I think it's a Red-bellied but not sure.

The sun was trying hard to peek through the clouds but it never made it. This was as close as it came.

This bush is used by all the birds. The House Sparrows, Juncos and a European Starling are in there.

I have tons of Bluejays.

I seem to be seeing more Cardinals now. I thought I only had four pair but have spotted five males now.

I can sure tell it's mating season. The squirrels are chasing each other all over the place. They run so fast through the trees that sometime they fall. Got one on video falling. It will be on my Youtube site.

More squirrels chasing each other. They will have babies in February usually and then again later in the summer.


rainfield61 said...

No problem on the fall, the squirrels have their own parachute.

It was so colourful though the sun failed to peek through.

Country Mouse Studio said...

we are having similar gloomy days, how wonderful with so many critters to look at ;