Sunday, January 23, 2011

Below Zero Weather-January 22, 2011-Birds

I had to get up after midnight so looked out the window and saw the moon through the clouds. Thought I'd take a few pictures. I didn't dare open the window though. It was too cold and windy so I took these through the window and that is why you see the reflection of the moon. Double pane windows do that. I tried to remove it on the other one. But it messes up the branches too much.

These are some BlueJays flying back and forth to get some food that I threw out. They have to come down next to the building because the snow is too deep to throw the seeds and nuts up on top.

A big Crow sitting on a branch. You can see him way off in the distance on that branch before I zoomed in.

Some more BlueJays and Cardinals.

Here's a little Hawk. He had just tried to catch a bird but missed. Rattled his tail feathers for a minute..Ha!

More of the Blue Jays flying in and out.

It's so cold here this weekend. Sunday night is going to be the coldest. It's going down to 16 or 20 below zero!! It was sunny Saturday but only 15 degrees. I went out anyway to get a few things. The fresh air always feels good. And I'm so thankful I can still go! The cold snap will be gone by Tuesday. Then more snow.


ShySongbird said...

All of these are beautiful Ginny and also the photos on the previous post. Those Cardinals really are an amazing colour and such a contrast against the snow. The Blue Jays are pretty too, a little bit like our Blue Tits but much bigger I think.

You have had a lot of snow there! Take care and keep warm :)

Out on the prairie said...

I sat at a feeder in a blind the other day whenit was 2.After and hourI left, but got some nice closeups while freezing.When it warms a bit we band birds at this site.

rainfield61 said...

The birds are so strong to stay outside at -41, I heard somewhere.