Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 18, 2011-Hawk And Squirrels-Birds

This was fun to watch! Two squirrels saw the hawk up on the branch and they came down to pick on it. Eventually the got him to fly off. That was their tree and no Hawk was going to use it..Ha! Ha! The video is good. Not sure if I will get it loaded onto Youtube. It's a big file. Mostly because I add the ones at the end where all the birds came flying back to their bush as soon as the hawk was gone.

These are the birds, all happy that the hawk left and they can come down and eat some more. It's sleeting through all this.

Just before dark. One squirrel still wanted to eat before he went home and was coming up and down from that spot. he finally went home when it got close to being real dark.

Today was a mixture of snow, sleet and rain all day. What a mess! Glad I didn't have to go out.


rainfield61 said...

And the squirrels became heroes of the day.

Out on the prairie said...

i am surprised the hawk didn't get aggressive. They like birds but I am sure eat a few rodents as well.