Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 3, 2011-Squirrels-Cardinal-BlueJay

A beautiful male Cardinal and a BlueJay. I wish it would snow more so they will stand out even more!

This Gray Squirrel was eating his nut on top of the wall so I got him in a few different positions. The squirrels are nice and fat because I feed them too well. Ha!

The squirrels sure were chasing each other a lot. It's always mating season for them I think..Ha! Ha! But it is more right now.

I love to watch the squirrels jumping through the tree branches. I always worry that they will fall. Once in a while I do see one fall but they seem to get back up okay.

This one squirrel would not leave the other one alone. The other one was carrying a piece of orange and if you look close you can see the orange color as he's jumping up onto another branch.

These squirrels sure are entertaining but I have way too many around here. But can you blame them?? There's always food here..Ha!


rainfield61 said...

I always love to see the red Cardinal in the snow. It is so outstanding!

The Retired One said...

Still lovin' your Cardinal photos....sigh....

Samuel said...

Great pictures! I love the Blue Jay one.