Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 19th Collages-2011-Squirrels Everywhere


rainfield61 said...

Squirrels everywhere, so no hawks around.

The birds are safe.

Martha Z said...

I bet this little guy appreciates the food you put out for him. It's hard to keep warm with all that snow arount.
I'm glad you liked my soaring hawk.

Out on the prairie said...

Ever so cute, I had one eating out of my hand until yesterday. It grabbed my hand full of shell peanuts and thought my finger was the best.I am a little sore today witha deep wound, but set some peanuts out on a feeder.

Country Mouse Studio said...

great squirrel shots and of course I love the little bird

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos of your many Squirrels Ginny, the ones with the Cardinal are beautiful with the splash of red.

The video on the previous post was amazing, I know hawks get mobbed by Crows etc. but I have never heard of Squirrels picking on them before...incredible!

So glad your feathered and furry friends are continuing to entertain you...Big Hugs :)