Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011-AM Squirrels-Birds-Snow

Early morning on the 12th. I made this in black and white. Once in a while they look better that way. The originals had too much of a blue tint to them. Because it was early in the morning and not enough light yet I guess.

I took these at 7 am and used the flash so it looks like they are taken at night but it is in the early morning today. We got a few inches of snow overnight. Still snowing lightly and gusty at times.


rainfield61 said...

Though the pictures look similar, but the feeling is different.

I always greater in the morning.

Out on the prairie said...

With overcast and low light it is hard to get a clear shot, and away they go with the flash. I have a good group at my feeders, it is 2 today so they need lots of fat to stay warm. I am going through close to 4 pounds of sunflower alone daily.A nature center called and a farmer brought in a hopper of corn, so I will go get a free supplement to need to take a trip to the midwest and watch all the eagles. They are amazing birds to see.Many towns have festivals for them along the Mississippi.

Country Mouse Studio said...

love the frosty squirrel, and your new profile photo