Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 14, 2011-Sunny Day For A Change

We finally saw the sun! But it sure was cold. It's only been in the teens and almost zero in the early mornings. Sure makes everything look so much prettier though!

So many Bluejays around now. I saw one that had something wrong with it. I'm not going to put those photos up. It had something coming out of it's back end. It was flying but you could tell it was not feeling well. It was alone a lot. I felt so bad for it in this real cold weather. It probably did not make it through the night. I never saw it again.

This female Cardinal was one that was born this year. She is a beauty!

There's an abundance of House Sparrows. I like watching them also. Flying back and forth from the ground to the bushes with their seeds. In the top right photo they all tried to land at the same time.

Shadows on the snow.

And more squirrels of course! The cold doesn't bother them at all.

I like that lonely leaf out there in the snow as the long shadows form on the glistening snow.

Some of the birds. A Junco. House Sparrows and a European Starling in the bush. Two crows preening each other high up on a branch and a Tufted Titmouse all alone on a branch. The Titmouse has a mate but they are always on the move so fast that it's hard to catch them together.

A vapor trail from a jet that just went through. The sun hitting the snow covered trunk of a tree on the back hill. The view from my bedroom window looking up the alley towards the back hill. You can see where a bird landed in the snow. It looks like it was making an angel in the snow..Ha!

And finally the end of the day with the sun going down through the neighbor's yard and after it went beyond my view and then the moon. It was a nice winter day in the Mohawk valley despite the cold.


Samuel said...

Amazing collages!

rainfield61 said...

These critters are beautiful. Do they drink green tea too?

Out on the prairie said...

Lovely view from your window. You are lucky to have the views offered. In my old home the windows frost over and only a few give a peek at what is outside. I spend a lot of time outdoors to enjoy my yard and area around me.When I took a few shots yesterday, I would have enjoyed a little sun to give me a better illumination.