Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 24th Collages-It Was 21 Below Zero Here

All these critters survived the cold day. Don't know how they do it. At 21 below zero I'd think they'd freeze instantly like we would. I'm sure some do. I was worried about the foxes. I never see them much any more. I hope I do in the spring. I do put food out each night just in case they do come down.


Out on the prairie said...

I wondered how active foxes were when it is cold, or if the hibernate some.I was following some prints yesterday that I thought were fox or coyote, chasing a rabbit at one point.Lovely shots Ginny.You are close enough to the great lakes to get their brutal weather I imagine.

rainfield61 said...

They are somehow very much stronger than us.

Ginnymo said...

Out on the prairie. I'm about 200 miles from the lakes but we get the lake effect snow all the time from them.
Thank heavens they are stronger Rain. They seem to survive okay.