Monday, January 17, 2011

January 16th and 17th-2011-Very Cold Here

This male squirrel waited and waited for that female to come down from there. She finally took a leap over his head and landed on a branch behind him and ran like hell with him right on her tail. I got video of them. Couldn't see them after she jumped though.

This was how it looked at sunset time but no sun was out on this day and it was windy.

On this morning of the 17th it was so cold! Ten below at 8 am. I don't know how these squirrels and birds can stand it but they were out there. Especially lots of Bluejays flying back and forth.

It was a beautiful, sunny day though but never got above 11 degrees.
This squirrel seems to be saying, " Yes! It's damn cold out here!"

These are some deer tracks coming this way from the back hill. I never see them. They are out there after dark. I am watching though in hopes I can catch them. But right now it's too darn cold to open the windows.

More deer tracks closer to the building from last night.

It's going to warm up after midnight tonight and tomorrow it's going to snow some and we might even get sleet into Wednesday. Quite a change in the weather from the past two weeks. But it isn't going to last. By Thursday we are right back into the deep freezing weather. I'm sure glad I have a nice, warm place. Just hope the electricity never goes off. It's all electric here.


Out on the prairie said...

I am still in my jammies, itis cold and icy out anyway.Lovely pictures.

rainfield61 said...

" Yes! It's damn cold out there!"

I shall stay over here.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos Ginny, the squirrels look so pretty :)

It does look cold there, as you know we have had our own share of snow here but it has been milder just lately, getting colder again now though. I do feel sorry for the wildlife in cold weather.