Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011-Snowed Today-Wild Birds

For some reason I didn't take any pictures of the squirrels today except for this one that ran into the tree when the hawk came down. Lots of birds around today. Cardinals, Sparrows and even a stray Starling stopped by.

It snowed all day. But only about six inches I think. Nice and fluffy. I loved watching it from my window! The Hawk was watching all the little birds for quite some time. He swooped down but missed getting one. I was happy about that. And glad I don't have to see him when he does at times. I've seen him catch enough of them. I never can catch him as he's coming close though. Today I was standing in my bedroom window with the top of the window down taking pictures of the back hill when he swooped down. He was so fast that I couldn't catch him on camera.


rainfield61 said...

I come to know Cardinal from you.

I tell my friends immediately once I spotted them.

Of course, not in the nature, but in newspaper.

The Retired One said...

Nice photos Ginny! I would be so torn to see a hawk..because I would love to get photos of them but it would tear my heart out to see it catch one of my birds that come to my feeder....I know it is nature and the cycle of life and all of that, but I still wouldn't want to see it. ha