Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Foxes And Skunks-July 19, 2011

A big branch broke off this tree. Not sure why. I guess it had just rotted at the bottom. The leaves were healthy on it and the squirrels and birds loved that branch. Now it looks bare. I didn't hear it fall and I hadn't noticed it when I first got up and fed the critters but did notice it two hours later. And at first I thought a fox was caught under it. One fox was just sitting there. Thank heavens he was just waiting for some nuts. The maintenance man moved the branch later. Nothing was under it.

The pup and his mom.

A pair of young skunks. They are siblings. Growing fast too!

The fox pup is staying away from the two skunks but he is still very curious and keeps looking at them from above.

The pup with his mom.


rainfield61 said...

They must be well fed to get growing fast.

Emma Springfield said...

The fox and skunks is a fun picture. He wants to. You can tell. But he knows better.

Out on the prairie said...

That age old question of if a tree fell and nobody was around would it make a sound.LOLThat pup looks ready to take off.