Saturday, July 16, 2011

BlueJays-Squirrels-Woodchucks-July 15, 2011

Juvenile BlueJays

The baby skunk that was in the rock wall for two hours one night. Now he seems to travel alone.

First time I've ever seen two adult Woodchucks at the same time and there was a young one out there crying. I have never heard a woodchuck make any sounds. Sure wish I had been able to get video but the young one was crouched up against the wall where I couldn't see him unless I opened the window. When I did he and the bigger adult ran like crazy. Never saw the little one again but I did see the bigger one.

A BlueJay and a male Cardinal.

This is the old woodchuck. He's a bit afraid of me. Not like the other one that comes running.

Squirrels up in the tree on a beautiful sunny morning.

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Out on the prairie said...

i am surprised you don't have an owl or hawk viewing some of your friends. I found a Great horned owl sitting over a woodchuck den and when i scared it, a bevt of crows all came to harrasshim even more.It was like a network to fight the owl.