Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10th-2011-Mommy Skunk With Her Three Kits

A crow family. I have had a pair around for quite some time. They sneak down to take a fox treat or some nuts. Then I saw them in the trees with what looked like their young ones. This is the first time they've brough the juveniles down close. There's only two of them that I can see. First tiem I've ever seen a crow family.

A juvenile Black Capped Chickadee.

This my friendly mom skunk bringing her three kits down again. She hasn't brought them down in a couple weeks and I've been wondering where they've been. So I guess they are still with her and haven't gone off on their own yet. They have grown a bit and a little more independent. They sure do vocalize a lot also. They were squeaking at each other like crazy and when one got away from the group and seemed lost he squealed a lot and ran back to where his mom was..ha! So cute.
And mom was begging for some treats and one of the kits was right behind her. Guess he will be doing the same thing next.. I wish it had been lighter so I could have got video and sound.

These little guys were grabbing her food. I had to give her more so they'd all have their own.

This was another mom skunk but she only had one kit with her. It was a very noisy little thing also.


Ratty said...

I love these skunks. Skunks are maybe lucky that they have the smell because otherwise they'd find themselves as pets faster than even cats.

Ginnymo said...

That's so true Ratty! They are so cute. I watch videos on Youtube sometimes of people that have pet ones. They like to be petted just like cats.