Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2011-Chipmunks Mating-Fox Pups-Bunny

A little yellow Butterfly. I don't see Butterflies very much. No flowers out there for them.

I'm not sure what these two chipmunks were doing. Either playing or trying to mate . But they are younger ones.

They look like they were kissing..LOL It was fun watching them.

A couple of the fox pups with their mom.

Mom and dad were out there with the pups. I don't see them too often down close.

This is their daddy. A very handsome fella and a proud daddy. He never sticks around long when he sees me. Not like the mom. She's around all the time.

A couple of the pups coming out of the woods and running over my way. I've never caught them climbing a tree yet. just that first day when I saw one from a distance. Wish I'd get more video of that. That's not a sight seen often.

Mourning Doves

This is the mommy to the pups. She was resting while daddy was watching over the pups. The daddy came over to her and gave her a kiss and then went back to the pups. I have that on video. She relaxed for quite a while there. Poor thing is so tired all the time.

I saw this bunny out there and was thrilled to see him. I have not seen a bunny for about three years. He probably won't last long. The foxes will get him. He lives more to the front area but was out exploring and eating clover and leaves. He finally hopped back to his area and I was glad that the foxes weren't around at that time. I knew there was a bunny around because a couple of the women have told me they've seen him.

He sure is pretty!


rainfield61 said...

Chipmunks are kissing, and this is not cartoon network.

ShySongbird said...

Aww...that bunny is so pretty! I love the Chipmunks and the Foxes too, poor mummy Fox does look weary.

Those Skunks are still making me laugh :) I guess Stinky is a very appropriate name!

I think it is lovely that all the creatures know you are there and almost ask for food. Poor Squirrel, it must be really difficult for her to eat :(

I love the Northern Flickers, they look like they might be bigger than our Woodpeckers.

Have a good weekend Ginny...Hugs!

Toyin O. said...

So cute, great pictures, thanks for sharing.