Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011-Skunks-Lots Of Them!-And Woodchuck

Old Woodchuck coming to get some nuts. She's the old Mama. There is another one that is younger that comes every day also.

I threw her a few pieces of apple but one landed on her..Ha!

Then off she went to eat some green stuff.

I spotted a bunch of baby skunks under the bush over the top of the rock wall. There were lots of them! At least two families that I know of. The little ones were stamping their feet at the others. It was so cute. I couldn't get any good pictures though . They ended up going beyond my view. But when they finally came down below I could see five of them following their mom. Then another mom came down and one baby kept trying to get near her and she spat him away. Some hid in the rock wall. I've got to get the video uploaded to Youtube yet.


Out on the prairie said...

Love the skunks best, what a crowd.

rainfield61 said...

I wonder they will stay in your house one day.

Ratty said...

That's a lot of skunks. I love those little guys. I'm actually smelling a skunk as I write this.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Oh boy...A bunch of woodchucker and some pole cats.

Many years ago I walked to work along the railraod tracks and every morning the woodchucks would get up on their hine legs and greet me. After I passed, they went back to their business.

Last time I saw a woodchuck was in ME. It was eating red clover behind my home.

They are funny critters,

Kind regards,

Jean said...

The skunks sure are pretty critters.
Question: Are Woodchucks and Ground Hogs the same animal? They sure look the alike.

Connie said...

You have the best animal pictures!! Love the skunks. Beautiful animals. We have one here that comes out at night, but we rarely see it. One night I was able to throw some bread in it's direction. The skunk took it and waddled off. I was thrilled.

Ginnymo said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes Jean. They are the same animal.