Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 29, 2011-Vole-Chipmunks-Woody-BlueJays

The voles get pretty big around here because they eat so well.

My little buddy.

Gray fox pup and the chipmunk making sure he's safe in that wall.

Juvenile BlueJays. There sure are a lot of them this year. And they all want to be fed at 5:30 in the morning!


Emma Springfield said...

All you pictures are lovely. Your header picture looks like the chipmunks are dancing. I like it.

Ratty said...

I like the pictures of the vole. This is the only place I ever get to see a vole.

Jean said...

Those two Chipmunks look like they are kissing. Cute image!
I like your buddy.:)

Out on the prairie said...

Nice selection.

Yes Lily came along and rode some short jaunts in a puppy purse, but with the heat stayed in AC in the support vehicles. We roved at the end of each day and she was adored by many.A little over 440 miles in 7 days.I am toasted and sore today.