Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 12th-13th Critters-Skunks-Foxes-Doe-Fawn

It was almost dark when I spotted the Doe with her Fawn last night. That's why these photos are not very good. I'm hoping to see them when it's a bit lighter. The fawn was so cute. It ran and the mom had to run after it. It wanted to play with the foxes I think..LOL Last year the fawns did play with the young foxes.

Granny's kid and Granny resting under the bush.

This one is coming down closer now.

A baby skunk running around on the grass not knowing which way to go. And below is the one that got deep into the rock wall. I thought it would get stuck and die in there. One of it's siblings tried to get in there but almost got stuck so backed out. This one did not appear for two hours. I was so worried. I have seen a squirrel get his head caught in those rocks and die. The little skunk came out but his mom and siblings had all gone home. He spent the night up in another area by the rock wall that has a deep hole. Then he came down in the morning. He stayed in that hole all day and maybe finally met up with his mom again last night. I sure do worry about these critters. If I don't see it then I don't have to worry but I do end up seeing a lot.

A Tufted Titmouse breaking open a seed.

A couple of the fox pups. I haven't seen all four together again in quite a while. Some stay with their dad or are running around in the woods. One is always with it's mom.

Here's one of the mom skunks with her kits. This one was so cute. It was a little afraid of me talking to it but seeing it's mom get up and down and not being afraid he stayed . You can see how he was climbing onto his mom's cute!

Here's mom with two of her kits. This mom has three.

Here's that little one that was hiding in the wall.

I try to get these pictures on in order but ever since they changed something it doesn't work good any more. They seem to go in any order. I don't like that.


Emma Springfield said...

You know how much I like your skunks. Nice pictures.

rainfield61 said...

You have all these critters that I shall not find in my place.

Ginnymo said...

Thank you Emma. I think I have way too many though..Ha! They are cute though.
Rain. But you have all those wonderful bugs! Ha! Ha!

Out on the prairie said...

I enjoy those little stinkers.