Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7th Critters-2011-Foxes-Skunks-Juv Bluejays

The mom and one of the pups shortly after dark.

A chipmunk eating a slice of apple. I always throw out apples for them too so in case they can't find water they will still have something wet.

This is One of the skunks. She has a white tip so it might be Stinky but this one looks too fat so it might just be another one. I haven't seen the mother with the five babies again. Seems like they only bring them down once and then the babies all go on their own.

The fox family up on the back hill.


Emma Springfield said...

Beautiful pictures. Your colors are especially good.

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice selection. I saw a fox that must have taken a swim the other day and wasn't sure what it was right away with all of its hair plastered down.

Ratty said...

I love the pictures of the chipmunk. At first glance it looks like it's reading a book.