Saturday, June 19, 2010

Collages-June 16th-17th-2010

Catching up on my posts. Haven't seen the pups around. I've heard them though. One day I heard some yelping in the woods like one was hurt. Then the other night one went yelping through here. I think a skunk sprayed it. Not sure though. I sure hope none of them has gotten hurt. The mother isn't down as much for some reason. The father is wandering around more than usual. I just hope their little family is okay.


rainfield61 said...

A skunk sprayed.

Jut cannot imagine how it is like.

Ratty said...

I always feel bad now if I know an animal has been hurt, or worse. I've seen a lot of hurt animals now along with the healthy ones. At those times I think it was better before I knew anything of nature. I guess ignorance is bliss, but in the end I'd rather know these things. And I feel much better for knowing about your fox families. And your pictures are the best.

Samuel said...

Nice collages. I hope your foxes are okay.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely collages, Ginny, I do hope the Fox family are OK !

The poor old Blue Jay on the earlier post did look wet.

Your Chipmunks look so sweet, I wish we had them here.

So sorry not to comment as much as I used to Ginny, I am really struggling with blogging at the moment :(

I do keep you in my thoughts though.

Hugs, Jan

The Retired One said...

Loved all of these shots!

Ginnymo said...

Rain. If you've never smelled a skunk then you are lucky. I smell them so much that I don't even mind unless it's an old one that has let out all his spray at once. That really stinks.
Ratty. I know what you mean. It's sad to know that these animals get hurt and die but that is nature. I am not going to get attached to the pups this year like I did last year. I still haven't seen any. It seems weird. Maybe the parents have moved them to another spot to play in. We do have two people who live here with dogs and they go out that back door where the pups were playing.
Thanks Samuel. I sure hope they are okay also. I want to see all four of them again so I will know they are okay.
Thanks so much Jan. I really understand that you aren't on a lot. I usually load my collages and then get off but have been trying to leave a few comments. I'm doing okay. Hope you are. I think about you and your eyes and hope you are seeing okay. Hugs back.
Thanks Joan. I appreciate the comments you leave all the time. Sorry if I don't get to you as much. It seems I look at the photos and just don't have the time to leave a comment sometimes. You sure do take beautiful photos!! I was really excited for you when you saw the Moose. Ha!