Monday, June 28, 2010

June 27th-2010-Skunks-Chipmunks-Foxes

I love how the chipmunk is clinging to the tree trunk like that. My bird, Ricky, is watching the fox outside. And I spotted a beautiful Baltimore Oriole but couldn't get a clear shot at it. You can just make out the orange color in the leaves where I circled it. I'm hoping to see it again to get a good photo. First one I've seen in a few years around here.

I finally have confirmed that this is a male fox.

The female cardinal was looking for some nuts on top of the rock wall and a young chipmunk is close by.

These are three different chipmunks.

Skunks outside my window and drinking some water.


Ratty said...

I always find it interesting when I see a chipmunk climbing a tree. They're good climbers, but they still prefer the ground.

rainfield61 said...

I have seen orioles very often, but do not know whether there is any cardinal over my place.

The Retired One said...

You saw an Oriole! I saw my first one this year and it was stunning! And his face was adorable...sure hope he comes back for you so you can get some photos!