Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010-The Gray Fox Pups Are Out!

I spotted one of the pups up a tree way back in the woods this morning. You can just about make him out. There was a squirrel running to get in the tree also. He made it safely. These pups are a bit smaller than when I first spotted the ones last year on July 4th. I am so happy to see them! They are adorable! Only tow have come out so far. I'm sure there is another family back there.

I was surprised to see these two come all the way down by themselves. It was so much fun watching them for the short time they were out there. I think they have been coming down in that area after dark. I heard one go barking up the alley by my bedroom window last night. I think the skunk sprayed it. He sounded like he was really crying for his mom..Ha!
I'm adding some video footage of them also.


rainfield61 said...

Oh my poor one, how unlucky it was to be sprayed by a skunk. It must a real bad experience.

I wonder how the mom can help.

The Retired One said...

Charming and delightful footage and photos Ginny...what fun you had!

Samuel said...

Wow the pups are so neat!

Ratty said...

Foxes are some of the neatest animals around, and the babies are maybe even better.