Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010-Skunk Babies!-Fox Pups

This pup was sniffing at something. He sure is a chubby little rascal.

These two pups were running around towards evening with their parents. I still have not seen all four together again. Hope the other two are still alive and well. They are probably off hunting in the woods.

And I was surprised last evening to see this stinky skunk come down with her four children. I have been getting irritated by her lately because she is down so early and is always out there in the mornings too. Now I know why. She has to have more food for all those kids. She was always spraying at the least little thing too. Last night she didn't. It was cute seeing the young ones. I wonder how many more of these skunks have babies and will bring them? Yikes! I have way too many skunks around here. I'm not sure if the foxes eat young skunks or not but I'm thinking at this age they don't.

This is another adult one that is out there each night. She's got her paw up on the side of the building begging me for a nut.


rainfield61 said...

If the foxes eat skunk, their stomach may be too stinky.


Connie said...

The skunks are cute, but when they get upset cute is not exactly the word I'd use.

ShySongbird said...

I have just enjoyed catching up with your recent posts Ginny, so many lovely creatures!

I loved the video where the fox cub came to see you, I'm sure it was listening to and understanding every word you said :)

I was very struck by how much the bird you identified as a Sparrow on your June 24th post looked like our Song Thrush.

Those Skunks are such funny looking creatures and I do love your little Chipmunks :)

Hugs, Jan.

Pat Tillett said...

The little ones are so cute! It doesn't much matter what animal it is, they are still cute!