Monday, June 14, 2010

June 13th Collages-Fox Pups

The mom and just one pup were sitting out there at first. The pup was running around and climbing the tree. I have the vidoes on Youtube.

All the pups were exploring their world but started heading too far down towards the front of the building so I whistled a them and they came running back closer to their mom. She had stayed up in back.

Mom is getting pooped out, watching her pups all the time. It's daytime and I'm sure she'd rather be sleeping. I see her yawning a lot.

They sure love climbing those trees. All of them were doing it. One climbed quite high. They can either climb down backwards or turn around and climb down head first. Sometimes I think they will hurt themselves because they jump down from a high point at times. But they know what they're doing..Ha! Ha! I hope. I don't ever want to see another injured one.

Here's all four of the pups.

The mom. She does tell them to stay in the woods when she comes down to eat.

A squirrel on the tree trunk and a little one eating nuts. A female Cardinal.

I don't know why this BlueJay was all wet. looks like it took a bath somewhere. He was really soaked.


Ratty said...

Wonderful fox pictures! I'm always amazed by them. Your pictures are some of the few that I like well enough to click on so I can see them bigger. And that blue jay was a puzzle at first glance, until I saw that it was just wet. Very interesting.

Samuel said...

The Blue Jay looks neat. I've never seen a wet one before!

The Retired One said...

I never knew they climbed trees! These are wonderful shots of them at play, Ginny!