Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 4, 2010-Birds And Critters

Black-Capped Chickadee on the seed bell that hangs on my bedroom window. A Black Crow on a branch and in flight as he flew off. A pretty BlueJay and a juvenile Starling.

Can you see the Chipmunk peeking through the young squirrel's tail? Ha!

Chipmunks. A Gray Fox. That one was one of the pups last year. Quite a few of those pups still come around. A young squirrel and the Woodchuck without her baby. Haven't seen the baby again since it ran from the fox the other day.



ShySongbird said...

Who needs TV when they have Ginny's window to look out :) I caught up with all your recent posts yesterday and then was called away from the computer without being able to comment :(

As always I am in awe of your many beautiful creatures and of course all your photos and videos are lovely!

I do hope that baby Woodchuck is you say, it is a rough world out there.

Ratty said...

That chipmunk peeking under the squirrel's tail is hard to see, but it's an extremely fun sight. I love that they get along that well.

The Retired One said...

Loved that capture of the chipmunk under the squirrel's get the most unique photos, Ginny!

Rainfield said...

Do foxes chase and catch those little squirrels?

Samuel said...

The chipmunk under the squirrel is amazing!