Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5, 2010 Fox And Woodchuck

These are the two Raccoons fighting the other night. I didn't get a very good shot at them. I opened the window and yelled at them to knock it off. They went screaming at each other all the way back to the woods. What a racket. They were really fighting too! I think the male was trying to get at the female and she wanted no part of it.

I put this single shot of the chipmunk peeking through the squirrel's tail so maybe you could see it better when you clicked on it to enlarge.

This is the older female fox and the woodchuck didn't seem to mind her being there. But of course she didn't have her baby with her. I still have not seen it again.

This is one of the younger females. She's the one that always waits till the older one has gone before coming down to get her nuts. I think she might have young ones also.


ruthi said...

What a lovely photo collage of animals. I like them all. thanks for sharing.

Shelley said...

That is so cute that the chipmunk was hanging out w/ the squirrel - and obviously very comfortable w/ him. And that woodchuck has got to be one of the biggest I've ever seen!
Love your fox photos as usual too!

The Retired One said...


rainfield61 said...

The raccoons remind me of my latest monkey story. Both are kind of similar.

Samuel said...

Wow! I am surprised the woodchuck and fox are so close together!