Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photos From April 6, 2011-Chipmunks-Squirrels-Fox

It was cloudy all afternoon so it wasn't a good day for taking photos. I saw a Woodpecker up in the branches and a Turkey hawk flying overhead. The sun was behind those gray clouds. You can almost see it.

This old tree trunk has been chewed on by all kinds of birds and squirrels. I actually watched this tree crack and fall years ago. I like the way it looks now.

This Chipmunk was real busy gathering leaves for it's nest. He shoved quite a lot in his mouth too!

One of the squirrels.

This is the mother squirrel that is living up high in the tree with her babies right now. She comes down every evening to eat. Below is her by the nest.

Saw a couple of the foxes again last night. Soon they will be coming out when it's daylight and I'll be able to get some better photos of them. The dark photo is one of them looking at me from over to the left of my window. Then he walked up to where he was across from my window on the other side of the rock wall. I kept trying to wait till it lifted it's head up from eating the nuts but my arms get tired from holding the camera out the window above my head..Ha! At least I got a couple as he looked up.


Out on the prairie said...

I didn't know chipmunks gathered leaves in their pouches.The fox are real fun to hear about.

rainfield61 said...

I love to see the macro on the eye of a squirrel.

That's beautiful.

Ratty said...

Carrying the parts to your home in your mouth like a chipmunk sounds just as good as having a pickup.