Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011-Foxes And Misc.

A big old plane going by and a couple small hawks flying around.

Chipmunks, a Squirrel and a Vole

Here comes the Gray Fox out of the woods! What a handsome fella! This is the male that always comes and will sit sometimes. This is the first time he's come in enough light.

These were taken with as much zoom as I could possibly get. They aren't clear but still okay. he's so handsome and healthy looking. They have survived the winter real well.

He went back into the woods and the female didn't come out because there were some people walking through the area. But they did come after dark.

The moon coming up in the Eastern sky and after the sun went down in the Western sky.


ShySongbird said...

What a handsome fellow he is Ginny, really magnificent!

Beautiful photos of all your creatures again. That Vole is very well camouflaged :)

I hope that chap on the previous post isn't going to disrupt your lovely creatures!

Your Robin (on an earlier post) is so much bigger than ours and completely different really, I think the only thing they share is the name ;)

I managed to get a distant photo of a Stoat for my blog, I don't think you have them there.

Out on the prairie said...

You catch all the critters well. I love the foxes.

Ratty said...

The foxes are always special. The pictures look good. That light colored squirrel is different looking. I just recently saw one that had a similar look.

Ginnymo said...

Hi Jan. Isn't it funny how different our birds look? I never heard of a 'Stoat". I don't think that guy will bother the critters. he might take a ride now and then but he's not home much. he works and is a volunteer fireman also. Nice kid and I don't think he'd hurt any critters. At least I hope not.
Ratty. Most of the squirrels here are light. I never see any like you have at your place. But they all act the same..LOL
Thanks prairie!! I do love my foxes.